Cox Media Group Technology Automation Engineer

Job Description

The candidate will be part of a team who builds the tools used by our development, quality assurance and systems engineering teams. We believe in Open-source software and try hard to contribute back and be an active participant in the community. Candidate will work in an Agile Dev/Ops environment where we utilize a Kanban Board to visualize project status. If you’re passionate about automation, OSS, infrastructure as code and continuous deployment then we want you!

Job Responsibilities

  • Automate anything and everything! (infrastructure build out, testing, deploying, monitoring, graphing, coffee making, etc)
  • Work with developers, qa and system engineers to make them more productive.
  • Occasionally have the opportunity to work in a “Lab” environment where we can experiment and work with new technologies to explore their value to our environment.
  • Analyze current development/operations workflows and look for ways to improve them.
  • Assert yourself as an active member of an agile team of developer and operation engineers. Participate in daily stand-ups, design sessions and peer reviews.
  • Be comfortable working with a highly distributed team using online collaboration tools.


  • Python, Ruby, shell or other system programming (moderate skills required, extensive preferred)
  • Linux administration experience a plus
  • Experience with Puppet (Chef / other configuration management tools)
  • Experience rolling out redundant, mission-critical applications
  • Experience with version control systems (in particular Git)
  • Experience with virtualization (VMWare/Xen/KVM/AWS)
  • Experience with python/Django administration/architecture a plus
  • Experience with Solr4, Riak, Logstash, graphite, nagios/icinga a plus
  • Excellent written and oral communications in a fast-paced environment.
  • At least 5 years of experience in a web hosting environment preferred.

Our company culture

  • Commitment - We deliver high quality, timely, reliable and secure technological solutions to meet the needs of our business
  • Innovation - We embrace new ideas and new methods as we work to deliver quality solutions. We also understand the importance of simplicity and will avoid unnecessary complexity.
  • Fun and Positive - We have fun while working passionately with a “can do” attitude to deliver reliable solutions
  • Collaboration - We collaborate among team members and our partners to realize shared goals. We understand the importance of resolving issues directly with each other in a respectful manner. We actively seek opportunities to help each other and embrace the value of diverse ideas from all directions. We commit to honesty, candor and accountability.
  • Favor Measurements - We favor facts over guesses by asking questions and challenging assumptions.
  • Celebrate Success - We take the time to celebrate our successes and we learn from our mistakes.
  • Customer Service – We understand the importance of serving our partner’s needs and strive to exceed expectations.

See more detail of our company culture here: Our team’s culture and ethos

Want to apply?

Interested? Send your resume to chris (dot) diganci (at) coxinc (dot) com