Cox Media Group Technology Systems Engineer

Job Description

The candidate will be part of a team who maintains service 24/7/365 where the standard is that sites download fast and are always available for a network of 110 or more major media brand websites and associated systems. The candidate will be responsible for maintaining physical infrastructure and supporting software integration in all phases of the development and production cycle. Candidate will work in an Agile Dev/Ops environment where we utilize a Kanban Board to visualize project status.

Job Responsibilities

  • Designs and uses monitoring tools to proactively maintain hundreds of servers and network appliances.
  • Utilize Puppet, GIT, Graphite and statsd to monitor and deploy infrastructure and treat it as code.
  • Backs up file systems and plans for disaster recovery
  • Evaluates systems specifications, input/output processes and working parameters for hardware/software compatibility
  • Designs and codes small applications to support infrastructure (customer monitoring scripts, system administration automation, admin Python scripts)
  • Troubleshoots networking, application, and operating system problems
  • Responds to alerts or problems by following appropriate problem management procedures.
  • Diagnoses and resolves moderate to complex technical problems in one or more operating system environments, network devices and multiple database environments.
  • Works with other teams to assist in the implementation of moderate to complex system software changes and is able to perform some aspects of upgrade independently.
  • Prepares system change management plans, writes technical documentation and procedures
  • Maintains internal and customer access privileges and passwords.
  • Occasionally have the opportunity to work in a “Lab” environment where we can experiement and work with new technologies to explore their value to our environment.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Web hosting environment, ISP systems administration
  • Python, Ruby, Perl, shell or other system programming (moderate skills required, extensive preferred)
  • Apache implementation, tuning and customization
  • Linux administration
  • Netapp storage administration
  • Experience with python/Django administration/architecture a plus
  • Experience with Solr4, Riak, Logstash, graphite, nagios/icinga a plus
  • Experience with virtualization (VMWare/Xen/KVM) a plus.
  • Experience with Puppet (Chef / other configuration management tools)
  • Familiarity with supporting database servers (Oracle, MySQL, or, Postgres) in a high-availability high-performance clustered environment.
  • Additional technology skills used include: DNS (bind), sendmail, java, firewall/system security, static routes, Netbackup/Amanda, SSL, SNMP, Git
  • Excellent written and oral communications in a fast-paced environment.
  • Requires direct interaction with customers to resolve end-user problems and complaints, as well as collaborating with software engineers, DBAs, and nontechnical teams. Candidate is required to have a high aptitude for explaining complex concepts in layman’s terms.
  • At least 5 years of experience in a web hosting environment preferred.

Our company culture

  • Commitment - We deliver high quality, timely, reliable and secure technological solutions to meet the needs of our business
  • Innovation - We embrace new ideas and new methods as we work to deliver quality solutions. We also understand the importance of simplicity and will avoid unnecessary complexity.
  • Fun and Positive - We have fun while working passionately with a “can do” attitude to deliver reliable solutions
  • Collaboration - We collaborate among team members and our partners to realize shared goals. We understand the importance of resolving issues directly with each other in a respectful manner. W e actively seek opportunities to help each other and embrace the value of diverse ideas from all directions. We commit to honesty, candor and accountability.
  • Favor Measurements - We favor facts over guesses by asking questions and challenging assumptions.
  • Celebrate Success - We take the time to celebrate our successes and we learn from our mistakes.
  • Customer Service âe understand the importance of serving our partnerâneeds and strive to exceed expectations.

See more detail of our company culture here: Our team’s culture and ethos

Want to apply?

Interested? Send your resume to danny (dot) viti (at) coxinc (dot) com