Our team’s culture and ethos

Work passionately and positively

Passionate people are highly engaged in the task at hand. They care deeply about the quality of their work, and the results show it. However, it is no accident that rage and suffering are synonyms of passion. We must be diligent to maintain a positive attitude and work environment. This means avoiding and squashing dissensions and factions; encouraging your co-worker rather than kicking them while they are down.

Find a way to say yes.

At CMG Digital & Strategy, we look for solutions rather than problems. We work closely with our internal and external customers to understand what their question is, and find a way to address our customers’ needs. Finding a way to say yes can mean digging deep and looking beyond the short-term issue, to the underlying problem. We encourage creative solutions that benefit our customers and our long-term vision.

Be a utility player.

We don’t let each other down, and we do that by making sure we do whatever it takes to get the task done. Sometimes, that means stepping out of our comfort zones, rolling up our sleeves and working on something we might not be used to – because there’s no such thing as “that’s not my job” when the job needs to get done. Just like in sports, a utility player is one who can play several positions competently, a sort of jack of all trades, and we expect each other to serve in any capacity when called on.

Take ownership.

At CMG Digital & Strategy, we take pride in the work that we do for our customers. When something doesn’t work right, we take it personally, and we take personal action to ensure that problems get fixed and errors get corrected. Where other companies might call something “good enough,” we insist on pushing it all the way to awesome. We go the extra mile to produce products we can be proud of.

Seek ideas from all directions.

Every person in our organization is a rich source of knowledge, experience, perspective and ideas. We celebrate our diversity and understand that good ideas come from every direction. We are an open minded and collaborative group. Job titles may define roles but do not restrict our employees from stepping outside of their job or area of expertise. Contributions can come from all areas of the business regardless of title, department or status. We encourage the unfettered exchange of ideas across operating units – a business idea can come from technology and a technical idea can come from the business unit. A good idea has no title or status. We measure the worth of an idea on its merit regardless of who it comes from. This open and free flow of ideas makes us successful because it steers us away from damaging groupthink and instead towards innovation. The diversity of our ideas will keep us moving towards the future where we can all feel we had a part of building it together.

Keep it simple to keep it fast.

We must be agile in our processes to meet the demands of our customers’ ever-changing businesses. What works today is better than what might work tomorrow. We will favor solutions that work simply instead of wasting time on trivial details or overengineering.

By keeping our products focused, we can decrease our time to market and increase our ability to adapt to change. We will continually iterate our products and processes with simple, fast improvements that provide value. Solve problems with the most straightforward answer and move on to the next task.

Celebrate successes and learn from mistakes.

You have to step back and take time to smell the roses, give a pat on the back or raise a glass to achievement. Celebrating the successes is key to keeping a company motivated and moving forward. Acknowledging the work of teams and individuals help to shape the process and demonstrate to everyone that they contribute and it is appreciated.

While everyone wants to revel in achievement we must also recognize our mistakes and take the lessons each mistake has to teach. Mistakes happen! Some of them lead to great discovery and breakthroughs. We must remember to focus on the lessons and not get caught up in placing blame or get stuck on the mistake, but move forward from the mistake with a better understanding and a renewed sense of purpose.

Favor measurements over guesses.

The diversity of human viewpoint and experience can be a fantastic strength - a source of power that can be tapped for creative and innovative ideas. But when the time comes to set our expectations, measure our progress or define our success those varied perspectives become a liability - obscuring reality through a fog dense with opinion, emotion and bias.

By establishing mutually-agreed upon measures we provide much needed clarity and focus. By carefully selecting a few key measures we avoid over-analysis and information overload. And by sharing these measurements across the depth and breadth of the company we empower everyone to make excellent decisions.

Move forward.

In a dynamic organization like ours, with countless initiatives, viewpoints and stakeholders we will frequently encounter obstacles to progress or things that slow us down for any number of reasons. When faced with those obstacles we will not dwell on the obstacle, but we will move forward and beyond it.

Instead of dwelling on the things that may impede our progress we will accept that nothing worth having comes easily and we will continue to move forward.

Serve our customers’ needs.

Being focused on our customers - both our internal ones (our coworkers) and our external ones (our brands, advertisers, and vendors) - is an important part of what CMG Digital & Strategy is about. To merely meet our customers expectations is not enough - our goal is to exceed expectations to reinforce the high-trust environment that we’re built upon.

The only currency we have with our customers is goodwill. Doing well by our customers makes that currency more valuable, and allows us to do more for them. Our customers entrust us to listen and help them find the solutions that they are looking for without being a roadblock; to create the highest quality products enabling them to serve their customers faster and more efficiently; to proactively anticipate problems in order to prepare solutions before they are needed; to jump in and offer help when we see someone needing assistance; and to provide the best possible advice and guidance to allow for future successes.